Bloody Brit Productions, in association with The Great Lakes Artists Group, has put together a ‘short’, short film festival to give Independent filmmakers the opportunity to have their short films screened in a traditional Theatre, on the big screen.

As we only have a ‘short’ block of theatre time, we are accepting submissions on a first come, first served basis. Once the time is filled, approximately 4 hrs, no more submissions will be accepted. [If you submit, but we don’t have time to show your movie, you will be refunded.] Therefore, you don’t waste money on submissions that don’t get shown. If you took the time to make a movie, we want to see it. We don’t pre-judge your movie.

Talking of judging, though …, [as if seeing your movie on the big screen, wasn’t rewarding enough! Lol], there will be the ‘obligatory’ awards. We take no part in the judging, however, as we are involved in some of the movies. The Judges are carefully selected for their impartiality, & have no affiliation to any of the movies being screened.

The film genres covered are: Horror, Thriller, Psychological, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Experimental, Comedy. A random generator will decide the running order of the movies. All in all, we’re an ‘equal opportunity’ fest!

So, hop on the ‘Short Bus To Insanity’, for a crazy ride.


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